The new ColorSoft Windows base software has been specifically developed for architectural lighting needs and combines innovations and ergonomic design. With little prior experience, it is possible to easily control the lighting within a variety of places such as homes, hotels, restaurants, fountain gardens, commercial areas and many more.

It includes powerful tools required to make your lighting design shine by using Coloronix RGB and RGBW fixtures. Features such as timeline, multi-zone, calendar and matrix controls give the user full flexibility.

When users purchase the Miniature USB Controller or the Touch Sensitive ColorPad, they get a complimentary one-hour training session free.

DMX Dip Switch Addressing Calculator

DMX DIP Switch calculator will assist with setting the correct dip switch settings. The calculator will work for units that use “normal” DMX addressing. Some units do not have switch 10 or may use it for another function, or may have switch 9 as part of a separate switch bank. For RGBW fixtures, start with channels 1-4, 5-9, etc.