Architainment: A marketing pop word merging the technical nature of architectural lighting with the artisanship of entertainment lighting.

CAT5: A type of electrical wiring most commonly found in computer networks, telephony, video and lighting as well. Abbreviated for “Category 5 Cable”. CAT5 are of the twisted pair high signal cable type.

Color Mixing: The addition of mixing red, green and blue to obtain mixed colors, all of which produce white light and subtractive primary mixing colors produces cyan, yellow and magenta.

Color Rendition Index: “RA”, the measurement of the degree to which color distortion occurs when a given light source is compared with a reference light source. Optimum color rendition has an index of RA as 100.

Color Saturation: The measurement, usually as a percentage, of the intensity of a pure color and white.

Color Temperature: A description of a light’s source color, measurebale in degrees Kelvin (k), or the most similar given color for thermal radiators.

Cut-Off Angle: As no direct reflection of a lamp is visible within the reflector, this angle cuts directly above this.

DMX: A term shorthand for “Digital Multiplexed Signal”. Theatrical stage lighting primarily employs this technology for lighting control.

DMX Address: A numerical code assigned to a DMX controller or DMX Direct Fixture, which allows each address to be controlled independently.

DMX Direct Fixture : A feature that allows an individual lighting fixture to be controlled independently using its own DMX address.

Foot Candle: A measurement of the amount of light that falls on a given surface. One (1) foot candle is equal to one lumen per square foot.

InternaMIX™: A proprietary feature that provides a smooth 1-color light output at the fixture level, with no RGB pixelation at close proximities or rainbow effects in shadows.

Lumen: Also known as “lm”, a lumen is a measurement of the total light power of a light source.

RGB: Shorthand for Red, Green, Blue. Additive color synthesis of RGB colors produces lights of different colors.

RGBW: Shorthand for Red, Green, Blue and White. Additive color synthesis of RGBW colors produces lights of different colors.

RJ45: A type of registered jack that attaches the ends of CAT5 cables into interfaces such as information for telecommunications. DMX controllers or low voltage power modules.

Wallwasher: A type of fixture that when spaced equally and parallel to a wall, a wallwasher is when an illumination with a reflector provides for uniform wall lighting.