DMX and Color FAQ


What is the max length I can run a DMX signal?
While 4000 feet may be specified by the standard, we recommend DMX runs of no more than 1000 feet (300 feet between fixtures) before using a repeater to regenerate the signal (by others).

How does each fixture get connected to the same DMX signal?
Each device has data input and output connectors for connecting in a daisy-chain fashion, from the controller to fixture #1, then device #1 to device #2, and so on.

Do I have to terminate the DMX signal?
We recommend that the final device in the daisy-chain be terminated to absorb signal power which would otherwise be reflected back into the cable and degrade the data. For RJ45 DMX connections you can order PCL002 with integral resistor.

How do I split a DMX signal?
Please note for large projects DMX signals cannot be split reliably by making Y-cables or T-connectors. Professional DMX splitter/repeaters (by others) typically use optical isolation to protect each segment from electrical faults on other branches.

How do I address the miniature DMX Data Enablers?
You can have multiple zones for RGBW lighting.

DMX Zones Dip Switch Assignments:
• Zone 1: 1
• Zone 2: 1,3
• Zone 3: 1,4
• Zone 4: 1,3,4
• Zone 5: 1,3,5
• Zone 6: 1,4,5
• Zone 7: 1,3,4,5
• Zone 8: 1,6

DMX Dip Switch Chart

Past SS2 DMX Issues

What are the depreciation values for just one color LED’s?
LED Color Multipliers:
• Red 0.048
• Green 0.092
• Blue 0.015
• White 0.845