Coloronix Features

InternaMix Aesthetically pleasing color-mixing technologies, providing a smooth 1-color light output at the fixture level with no RGB pixelation at close proximities or rainbow effects in shadows.
RGBW Color Packages Utilizes one Red, Green, Blue and an additional white LED for a true white design and allow for pastel colors not able to be produced with typical RGB fixtures. 120V Line Voltage direct input allows for quick and easy installation. No need to install additional power supplies or calculate voltage drops.
DMX Direct Allows control of each unit with a separate four-channel DMX address. Without a need to access remote data enablers for data feeds.
Listed by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories like UL and Intertek, to ensure utmost safety and prevents job site issues with site inspectors.
ColorRay™ Pre-Programmed Data-Enabled fixtures come standard for use with lower budget installations where advanced DMX Controls are not needed. Stand-alone static and dynamic sequences can be called up using on board DIP switches or using the Color Ray Remote Control.