10″ Recessed RGBW Downlight (Bluetooth/DMX/IR)

Power: 24V for greater efficiency and compatibility


  • Illuminate room from above
  • LED Die Colors: RGB+W
  • Static Colors Available
  • Smooth, flicker-free dimming of all colors down to 1%
  • Fixture includes 60W universal dim/non-dim power supply, DMX data enabler and 18″ power feed
  • Black or white trim



The SR Downlight 2.0 Series can be used for direct or accent lighting, installed as a recessed fixture. Perfect for applications desiring a dynamic color changing effect. Recommended for retail, hospitality, high-end residential, and entertainment installations. RGBW design allows fine-tuned pastel colors and saturated hues without sacrificing illumination brightness. Use with DMX512 control systems to individually control and change colors, set looks, and add lighting effects which can affect moods, feelings and atmosphere.