3″ RGBW Adjustable Accent

9W / 120V, 277V AC or 24VDC


  • Smooth 40º beam
  • DMX Direct Control (Dip-Switch Selection)
  • LED Die Colors: RGB+W
  • Static Colors Available
  • Using InternaMix™ proprietary technology, colors are efficiently blended together through an internal mixing chamber. The one-color output reduces unsightly views of isolated rainbow like striations and rainbows.
  • Smooth and flicker-free dimming of all colors down to 1% using patented color mixing and dimming technologies developed at Philips Color Kinetics®
  • 3 Year Warranty
Application: For the use of direct ambient and/or accent lighting. To install as recessed in ceilings. Belongs to C70 series family. Perfect for applications desiring a dynamic color changing effect. Recommended for retail, modern residential, hospitality and entertainment installations. Miniature downlight recommended for low to medium height ceilings. RGBW design allows fine-tuned pastel colors and saturated hues without sacrificing illumination brightness.